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Veterans Care at In Balance Chiropractic

Veterans smilingWe have programs in our office that significantly reduce the cost of care or even provide coverage at 100%. My father was a Naval Medical Officer. In chiropractic school, I lived with a Veteran who landed in Normandy. I could not even come close to saying I get it. However, this has created in me an unsurpassable amount of respect for All Veterans!

I have served hundreds of Vets over 20 plus years. Unfortunately, most of them had no chiropractic coverage. This is why I adopted my Military Care Program.

This program put quite simply is 50% off all of my services period and is designed for Vets who have no access to chiropractic care or have high deductible insurance. This is exclusively in my office and is for not just the Veteran but includes their spouse and children.

Covering Chiropractic Care

Better yet, I am super excited to see the recent incredible changes in the VA Community Health Care System. This is a program that covers chiropractic care at 100% for those Vets who qualify for VA Care! I am credentialed with TriWest and am a Community Care Provider for the VA!


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